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Rector of the Russian State Open Technical University of Railways (RSOTUR),

RSOTUR is a headquartered in Moscow and has over 30 regional branches across Russia .


Ph. D., professor, Academician of the Russian Transport Academy, fellow member of the Informatics Academy, awarded the Russian State title of  Honoured Scientist, awarded the Russian Railway Ministry title of Honoured Railmen.



   Specialist in railway electrification - Graduated with honours from the Moscow Institute of Railway Engineering with an engineering degree in Railway Electrification (1969), associate lecturer in an engineering college in Ozerelie, senior engineer, defended a Ph. D. thesis (1969-76), professor in the Russian State Open Technical University of Railways (RSOTUR) in Moscow (1977), rector of RSOTUR (1985), dean of the Electrification of Railways faculty of RSOTUR (1987).



Invented a concept and created a new type of catenary - Automatically Compensated Spatial-Rhombic Catenary (ACSC). Designed and implemented various ACSC applications on a number of railway lines, including the longest tunnel in Russia (15 km).


Ph. D. dissertation thesis Theory and calculation methods of the Automatically Compensated Spatial-Rhombic Catenary. Published over 120 scientific works, including books, research and working papers on the subject of railway electrification. Registered over 45 international patents.




Contact Details:


Russian State Open Technical University of Railways

Chasovaya street 22/2

Moscow , 125808






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